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OUR mission

Our immersive experiences are running from 19th November to 19th December, collaborating with local woodland trusts and schools. We want our powerful message of reforestation and protection of our woodlands to be passed on to the next generation, so education is at the core of our mission.

Looking at everything from carbon capture, to the role of trees in irrigation and water levels, and even looking at the life inside the forest - our storytelling will inspire people of all ages to protect our trees and the benefits that will come as a result.

We also want to bring in voices from the forestry sphere to talk about their pledge to the environment and how businesses are making changes to their sustainability model. By creating a ‘hub’ at Mellerstain, there is something for the whole family to enjoy - whether its educational talks, local arts and crafts stalls, or even the food.

our principles


This really lies at the heart of all we’re doing, as we want to make our world a better place for the future generations. While our experience will mainly operate at dark, we plan to run workshops and events for schools in partnership with the Borders Forest Trust. Other events such as wellbeing and mindfulness experiences in the woodland will be available.

Local Inclusion

To encourage people to make the most of their visit, we will include a small Christmas market of artisans & craftspeople and food & drink traders. All of these elements would be from local suppliers, using local, sustainable produce.


Working with writer and storyteller John Nichol, our narrative will be poignant and relevant to current affairs. We are letting the trees do the talking; by using clever lighting and immersive touchpoints, we’re making sure that the community gets involved and hears what the trees have to say. Different ‘chapters’ will exist throughout the route, so you can step inside the experience and learn about each part of the story in a fun and compelling way.

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